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Meet The Team

We make booking a vacation rental as easy as booking a hotel!

Dedicated to making booking a vacation rental as easy as booking a hotel, our Guest Services and Reservation Specialists are your personal guides to finding and booking the best home or condo for your trip. We have a solid history of expert guidance and personalized service, having served over 350,000 guests to date. We'll make planning your perfect stay seem effortless! Contact one of our guest services or reservation specialists today at guest@redawning.com or call 1-888-RedAwning (888-733-2964) | 00 1-510-404-8220 (International).



Manager, Guest Services and Reservations

megan gordon Megan looks forward to making your vacation rental experience enjoyable and stress-free! With a background in sales, customer service and restaurant management, she’s ready to share her passion for travel which began in high school with a trip to a small town in rural Oaxaca, Mexico. A Bay Area native, she studied theatre and political science at NYU, and then attended culinary school in Santa Barbara. In her free time she loves to backpack, ski, cook, and wine taste in Sonoma and Napa with her husband. She does not enjoy running. If you’re ever in Oakland, CA check out her bestselling mac n’ cheese creation, the Gilroy Mac, at local hotspot Homeroom!



Fraud and Chargeback Investigations Specialist

csmgPerry is a California native born under an international family of Britons and Americans. An avid travel enthusiast, he aspires to create his own historical and gastronomical tour experiences in England and Western Europe. He majored in philosophy and history (with an emphasis in European and Islamic history). Perry has been in guest services for over five years and is ready to help make your RedAwning experience as smooth as possible.

Favorite destination:Madrid, Spain or London, England
Contact: perry@redawning.com


Supervisor, Guest Services

csmg Hunter is a Bay Area native with a passion for travel and a strong belief that quality customer service can truly change someone's day for the better. When not playing with his dachshund, or cooking, he enjoys reading about history and playing vintage video games.

Favorite destination: Jerusalem and Cairo
Contact Hunter: guest@redawning.com




Reservations Specialist

csmgDorothy has been in customer service over 20 years. She has worked in recycling, conservation and travel where she has enjoyed helping to make lives easier. In Dorothy’s spare time, she is an avid dog lover and enjoys dog sitting. She looks forward to helping those seeking travel vacations with their pets in all parts of the World.

Favorite destination: Lake Tahoe
Contact: dorothy@redawning.com


Supervisor, Reservations Specialist

csmg Kenny got the travel bug after a successful career in accounting. Kenny’s specialty is finding the perfect vacation rental for any occasion. He loves matching families and leisure travelers with that ideal property. Kenny also loves booking international destinations. Let him help you with your next European trip.

Favorite destination: Jamaica
Contact: Kenny@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmgRenee is a Green Mountain Nature-loving country girl at heart. Her hometown is Brandon, Vermont but she now lives in the beautiful State of California. She loves spending time with family and helping people. Let Renee help you find the perfect place to stay...so you can create some amazing memories.

Favorite destination: Brandon, Vermont, North Carolina
Contact: renee@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Arry heads the online reservations team. Her motto: “Do your best, and don’t give up. ” When she’s not making booking a vacation rental as easy as booking a hotel, she loves pIaying basketball, watching movies, and playing music.

Favorite destination: New York, USA and Seoul, South Korea.
Contact: arry.sone@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Nissa enjoys the finer things in life – music, food and illustrated books. When not booking exciting international destinations online, she loves cooking and trying different kinds of cuisines, comparing flavors and expanding her culinary knowledge.

Favorite destination: The city of Malang, in East Java. The bakso (Indonesian meatball) in Malang is delicious!
Contact: nissa.khen@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Dyah enjoys helping our travelers find those dream home vacation homes all over the world. Dyah, herself, prefers the joys of travelling closer to home. She loves to visit nearby villages to enjoy the fresh air and the warmth of the people.

Favorite destination: Dyah’s dream is to travel around all of Indonesia.
Contact: dyah.eko@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Danny truly loves to travel. Weekends are often spent at the beach, art and craft houses, museums, traditional ceremonies, or ancient sites. For Danny, travelling is a mixture of bravery, simplicity, respect for nature and history, kindness, and joy.

Favorite destination: Bali and Japan are at the top of his list. Maybe a honeymoon trip?
Contact: danny.apri@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Dona has dedicated his life to hospitality. For him, the biggest reward is happy travelers. In Dona’s world travelling is a mixture of bravery, simplicity, respect for nature and history, kindness, and joy.

Favorite destination: Wherever the world takes him. He’s strong, young, loves to laugh and is ready to see the world!
Contact: dona.rahmat@redawning.com

Ika Wahyuti

Reservations Specialist

csmg Ika was previously a full time English Teacher for Senior High School students. She decided to follow her passion to serve and assist people and being a customer service agent since 2013. When not in office, she enjoys watching movies and teaching. Assisting customers to find a perfect home for their vacation is what excites her. Kindness, patience, understanding, and passion are what she keeps as a customer service agent.

Contact: ika.wahyuti@redawning.com

Weppy Widya

Reservations Specialist

csmgWeppy studies at Yogyakarta State University and loves to learn from books as well as people. She likes sports and arts and traditional dances such as Bali, Dayak, and Malays dances. She is a hiker and a traveler who one day plans to go to China to visit the Great Wall, and then on to Victoria Lake in Africa, and Arizona.

Contact: weppy.widya@redawning.com

Sandy Ferianda

Reservations Specialist

csmg Sandy dreams of having some great travelling experiences all over the world. He is an energetic guy with a big passion of serving people wholeheartedly. Besides, showing a great totality at working is the first priority for him. Humorous might be the best word to describe him. Getting mingled with some new people will be his strength. He does not like to stay lonely, that is why he keeps searching for some new ideas or experiences to complete his life.

Contact: sandy.ferianda@redawning.com

Dito Nata

Reservations Specialist

csmgDito loves to interact with people and get to know more about them inside and outside. He's a simple person who enjoys life, grateful for what God has created for him. He loves going to the beach or to the villages where the air is still healthy. For Ditto, travelling is the moment to escape from routine.

Contact: dito.nata@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Selly likes to learn new languages and travelling. For her, travelling is the best way to experience and learn the diversity of the world. She would really like to experience 4 season countries in East Asia, to enjoy the beauty of each season, interact with the local people, and learn their languages.

Contact: Selly.utami@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmgI love to travel to new places and love to try different kinds of foods from different areas. My biggest dream is to travel around the world to meet new people with different culture and background.  It will be my biggest achievement to make other people happy and satisfied with my service. In my leisure time, I enjoy listening to music, watching drama, and spending time with my family and friends. My motto is "Live the life to the fullest and always be grateful to the almighty God".

Contact: Ika.anggita@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg A Customer Service needs to understand the customers’ needs. To see customers have their holiday in place is just satisfying to me. Besides this satisfaction, travelling to a new place which allows us to experience new things, whether it is food, the culture, or even the people is another source of it. With no control over the journey, we can just enjoy what life brings to us at the very moment. To keep a happy life, I enjoy bike riding as well as listening to and playing music. Watching movies or any entertaining shows are also in this list. These activities simply energize your life.

Contact: Titus.kris@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Hello, the name is Risang. My hobby is reading. I like reading anything but I enjoy light novels and manga the most. Even though I really like secluding myself in my room and immersed in reading, I also really want to go travelling someday. Japan will be my first destination if I ever have the chance. Perhaps influenced by light novels and manga that I have read, I am curious to experience the food and culture there. I would also love to learn their language by interacting with local people.

Contact: Risang.wulur@redawning.com


Reservations Specialist

csmg Making people smile is happiness for Pungki. He spreads his happiness by simple act as smiling. For him, smiling is contagious and it shows sincerity. Ice cream, chocolate and milk those are his favourite things because it’s sweet and bring joy. Besides smiling, he admires nature a lot, with his little body he often go hiking and enjoy a cup of milk on the top of mountain.

Contact: pungki.rusmayadi@redawning.com